About Cgpsc Prelims Exam in Chhattisgarh


In this fast digital era, our Chhattisgarh students also fail to prepare through online medium. How is this possible? Although some big and small sites have started, but somewhere a need was felt for a holistic and quality portal, just to meet this deficiency, "CGPSC Baba". G is present at your service.

Through our special initiative with a very reliable and excellent portal, we will ensure that you get the best guidance and strategy out of all the preparation mediums available for this exam so that you also have a rank among all successful candidates.

CGPSC Baba is always with you in this journey of your preparation and hard work with four important things necessary for success - right guidance, proper study source, quality practice and motivational focus, wherever you are, wherever you are from now on. Get together, this portal is always with you to give effective shape to your studies.

If you have entered this portal for the first time, then read the following questions in a phased manner and remove all your ignorance and try to understand some essential aspects before starting the preparation.

A) First of all clear all your doubts about Cgpsc Exams.

What is CGPSC ?

It is the State Public Service Commission of Chhattisgarh which conducts examination for the selection of regional level higher posts (Class A, B).

Which exam does CGPSC conduct ?

Apart from the Civil Services, the Commission conducts more selection exams like State Engineering Service, Medical Service, Scientific Officer, Assistant Professor etc. See more

What is the recruitment process for CGPSC Civil Service ?

Issue of notification for the examination of any session on Nov-Dec in every year, conduct the three-stage examination, issue the final selection list.

How is the exam ?

Among other examinations, it conducts the cgpsc civil service examination which is conducted in the following three phases -:

1. Preliminary Examination (Multiple choice paper) (Around February)
2. Main Examination (Essay 7 Paper) (Approximately May - June)
3. Personality test (approximately from October to December)

Who are eligible to appear in this exam?

Any graduate student who is at least 21 years of age

What are the positions obtained on successful CGPSC ?

I. State Civil Service (Deputy Collector)
2. State Police Service (Dy. Superintendent of Police)
3 State Accounts Service
4. Commercial Tax Officer
5. District Excise Officer
6. Assistant Registrar Cooperative
7. District Organiser.Tribal Welfare
8. Labor Officer
9. District Registrar
I 0. Employment Officer
11. Area Organiser
12. Block Development Officer
13. Assistant Director Food / Food Officer
14. Project Officer, Social / Rural Intensive Literacy Project
15. Subordinate Civil Service (Naib Tahsildar)
16. Assistant Superintendent Land
17. Commercial Tax Inspector
18. Excise Sub-Inspector
19. Transport Sub-Inspector
10. Co-operative Inspector
21. Assistant Labor Officer
22. Assistant Jailor
23. Sub-Registrar
24 Assistant Director Public Relation
25 Principal, Panchayat Secretary of the Training Institute
26 District Women Child Development Officer
27 Chief Instructor (Anganwadi / Gram Sevikas Training Center)
28. Assistant Director (Women and Child Development)
29. Superintendent (Institutions)
30. Project Officer (Integrated Child Development Project)
31. Assistant Project Oflicer (Special Nutrition Program)
32. Area Organizer (M.D.M.)
33. District Commandant Home Guard
34. Assistant Director Local Fund
35.Chief Executive Officer. Janpad panchayat
36. Chhattisgarh Subordinate Account Service Officer
37. Superintendent District Jail etc.

At what age should you start preparing ?

This is up to you . (You can prepare with graduation)

How should we prepare it ?

In summary, the preparation of the three steps should be done in totality and with full commitment, do not do so that the examination notification will come, then you will start preparing for the preliminary examination and if you pass it, you will start preparing for the main examination. For the rest, you will be associated with the portal, we will continue to provide you

Which subjects and books have to be studied ?

Barring a few books, mainly the same books have to be studied for both the preliminary examination and the main examination, and the factual information between the same lines that you read for the main examination should be in the form of preliminary examination questions. Huh .

And this factual information is used to write you the answer to the main exam.Therefore, read any subject in its entirety from the perspective of both examinations.

Is coaching necessary or not?

See, in any preparation, with the right guidance, proper study source, quality practice and motivational approach, both your energy and time are employed in the right direction of your preparation. So definitely a good coaching institute can be helpful in making your preparation easier, but you will have to work hard on your own can save.

Both the above facilities also become difficult for the students of  Duranchal regions, keeping them in special consideration, this portal provides you complete guidance in the entire preparation for free, so you can do full preparation from this portal.

What should be the right strategy to succeed in this?

There is not only one universal strategy of any success, it can be different for everyone, but we will continue to provide the best on this portal based on our experience, in which you can include those you like in your preparation.